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Wait outside and call the number on the door. We will send a nurse outside to swab you and collect the payment over the phone.

Antigen Testing: 
$100- results report in 1 hour
PCR Testing:
$125- results report in 48 hours 
$150- results report in 3 hours 
If you were exposed to someone positive, please wait 5-7 days in quarantine before getting tested unless you are already experiencing symptoms.
This is to ensure an accurate test result.

Please note, we DO NOT accept insurance for Covid-19 Testing.



Pfizer: two dose vaccine, 21 days apart
Moderna: two dose vaccine, 28 days apart
Booster: 1 shot, 6 months after your second vaccine
Minimum age is 12 years old. We will bill your insurance for vaccines, if applicable.

Lastly, if you have had any previous doses of the vaccine, please specify which manufacturer and the dates they occurred on the next page.


If you have read the above information, consent and are still interested in scheduling an appointment please proceed by clicking the 'CONTINUE' button.

Red Light Therapy (JOOVV)

Red light therapy is a therapeutic technique that can provides a myriad of benefits to the body, some of them include greater weight loss success, improved healing capabilities, stimulated hair growth for hair loss, and alleviated joint and muscle pain among many others. It can also help correct a wide array of common cosmetic concerns such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and much more. Utilizing the cutting-edge JOOVV system, we are able to rejuvenate the body and help you feel your absolute best.

Formula Wellness Center is led by a growing team of outstanding providers who do much more than study health: they live it. We are dedicated to helping all of our patients live their best life through the latest and greatest treatments. Contact us today to schedule your red light therapy appointment today!

How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy works to create a biochemical reaction within targeted cells to enhance the mitochondria, the source of a cell’s energy. By heightening the performance of the mitochondria, this advanced treatment can stimulate the cell’s production of ATP– an energy-carrying molecule– and enhance cellular repair and rejuvenation. Unlike other forms of laser and intense light technologies, red light therapy is able to directly revitalize the skin and promote greater healing capabilities without damaging the skin’s surface.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Utilizing the JOOVV system, red light therapy grants a wide variety of benefits including:

  • More effective bodily healing toward injuries and wounds

  • Heightened muscular recovery

  • Increased collagen production and circulation

  • Decreased inflammation and pain

  • Reduced rosacea, eczema, and acne breakouts

  • Improved complexion and skin tone

  • Softened fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars

Red Light Therapy Treatment Plans

We understand that each of our patients will have very distinctive aesthetic and wellness goals in mind going into this treatment. During your consultation, our compassionate providers will familiarize themselves with your concerns and customize a red light therapy treatment plan to help you see the best possible results. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

Candidates for Red Light Therapy

People of all genders and skin types may consider red light therapy. However, women who are pregnant or nursing as well as those who may be diagnosed with a severe health condition such as cancer may be referred to an alternative option.

Schedule Your Appointment

Contact us today to schedule your red light therapy appointment and take the next step towards greater health, wellness, and younger-looking skin. We look forward to hearing from you!

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