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Wait outside and call the number on the door. We will send a nurse outside to swab you and collect the payment over the phone.

Antigen Testing: 
$100- results report in 1 hour
PCR Testing:
$125- results report in 48 hours 
$150- results report in 3 hours 
If you were exposed to someone positive, please wait 5-7 days in quarantine before getting tested unless you are already experiencing symptoms.
This is to ensure an accurate test result.

Please note, we DO NOT accept insurance for Covid-19 Testing.



Pfizer: two dose vaccine, 21 days apart
Moderna: two dose vaccine, 28 days apart
Booster: 1 shot, 6 months after your second vaccine
Minimum age is 12 years old. We will bill your insurance for vaccines, if applicable.

Lastly, if you have had any previous doses of the vaccine, please specify which manufacturer and the dates they occurred on the next page.


If you have read the above information, consent and are still interested in scheduling an appointment please proceed by clicking the 'CONTINUE' button.


What Is It?

FractoraV is a fractional bi-polar RF device that is used to remodel the external genitalia by improving their tone and texture, as the boost of elastin and collagen give a more youthful and tight appearance.  It makes use, as well, of RF technology along with micro needling that enables a more deep heat penetration.

What Can I Expect?

During treatment, the needles are inserted into the tissue and the RF energy is delivered. A 30-50% overlap is required and the treatment of labia minora or over the external mucosa is also possible depending on the patient’s needs. A topical anesthetic is usually applied in order to minimize the discomfort.  It is a painless procedure. Most patients report a warm sensation during the process, and some of them may mention a discomfort when the probe is inserted into the vagina. In FractoraV, the pinching of the needles that patients’ may face is eliminated by the topical anesthetic.  Depending on the method, the whole process can last from 5 to 30 minutes maximum.

Am I a Candidate?

If you have experienced issues with the elasticity in your vaginal tissue or external genitalia, the wrinkled appearance of your labia and vulva, or low blood flow, then you may be a candidate for FractoraV. Come in for an appointment and let us help you restore your vagina and surrounding muscles for your comfort and pleasure.

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At Formula Wellness, located in Dallas, our patient’s health and wellness is our top priority. If you think you may benefit from Fractora or would like to learn more, call us today to schedule a consultation!

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