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Wait outside and call the number on the door. We will send a nurse outside to swab you and collect the payment over the phone.

Antigen Testing: 
$150- results report in 1 hour
PCR Testing:
$150- results report in 48 hours 
$200- results report in 3 hours 
If you were exposed to someone positive, please wait 5-7 days in quarantine before getting tested unless you are already experiencing symptoms.
This is to ensure an accurate test result.

Please note, we DO NOT accept insurance for Covid-19 Testing.



Pfizer: two dose vaccine, 21 days apart
Moderna: two dose vaccine, 28 days apart
Booster: 1 shot, 6 months after your second vaccine
Minimum age is 12 years old. We will bill your insurance for vaccines, if applicable.

Lastly, if you have had any previous doses of the vaccine, please specify which manufacturer and the dates they occurred on the next page.


If you have read the above information, consent and are still interested in scheduling an appointment please proceed by clicking the 'CONTINUE' button.

Guiding You To Sustainable Health:

Formula Wellness' 4 Cornerstones of Wellness


From managing or eliminating medical disease to improving your body composition, NUTRITION is the PRIMARY CORNERSTONE

Hormone Balance
Hormone Balance

Often the conditions associated with "getting older" are not disease but are easily improved upon by proper hormone balance


Micronutrients are used and eliminated from our bodies daily - proper replenishment orally as supplements or via IV can make you feel tremendous


Look and feel more refreshed, youthful, and confident with our non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures.

New Patient Package

Whether you have fallen off the path to optimal wellness or are looking to stay on it, the New Patient Package is great for those wanting education and guidance about their body in order to change or maintain a healthier lifestyle.

New Patient Package includes:

Extensive Blood Panel Test

SECA Body Composition Scan


Cardio Max


Physician / Provider 1 hour Consultation

Membership Options

Metabolic Body Program
$160 per Month

Weekly SECA Body Composition Scans

Weekly MIC  Injections

Routine Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR testing

Nutrition & Fitness Consulting

Provider Consultation (as needed) 

Concierge Wellness
$160 per Month

Direct access to provider and consultations 

Unlimited SECA Body Composition Scans

Medication management (controlled & non-controlled substances)

Priority Scheduling within 24 hours

Discounts on supplements, injections, IV infusions and peptide treatments

Provider Consultation

Hormone Replacement
$125 per Month

Hormone Replacement Therapy

SECA Body Composition Scan (1 per month

Provider Consultation

IV Membership
$85 per Month

Unlimited IVs for $99 each! (Any IV's over the price of $185, such as Brain Booster, High Dose Vitamin C and Plaquex are limited to a $50 discount)

Aesthetic Membership
$160 per Month

»PL-Photofacial or Clearlift facial

»Laser hair removal of 2 small areas or one medium area

»Tattoo removal of one small or medium area

»Neurotoxin treatment up to 20 units of Jeuveau or equivalent of substitute neurotoxin

(remaining units DO NOT roll over)

In addition to the above options:

»10% off all skincare lines

»10% off injectable filler and additional neurotoxin

»15% off Microneedling + Facial PRP procedures

»20% off PDO Threads

»20% off Fractora Skin Tightening

»25% off EMSCULPT and Z-Wave

»$50 off Hydrafacials

Wellness Services

IV Therapy & Injections

Our custom-made IV infusions help the body the ability to achieve levels of balance.

Sexual Rejuvenation

Restore sensations and optimal performance with our sexual rejuvenation therapies.

PRP/Stem Cell Therapy

PRP therapy’s naturally regenerative process intensifies the healing efforts of your body.


Minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments to improve and optimize your natural vitality.

A Medical Practice thats More than just a "Doctor's Office"

Formula Wellness Center is more than just your same old doctor's office. Formula Wellness is a comprehensive MEDICAL BASED program that includes: Medical consultation, thorough on-site medical testing, customized workout and diet solutions, as well as supplements, injections, detoxifying IV infusions, and bioidentical hormone therapy designed to refresh and energize your body.

Be Formidable.

Get the Formula.

Optimize your Health.

Park Cities
4342 Lovers Lane
University Park, TX 75225
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Saturday 11am-2pm
3600 McKinney Ave Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 
Saturday 11am-3pm

6765 Winning Drive. Suite 820
Frisco, TX 75034

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 



             Southside- Sanders Fit
                1409 Botham Jean Blvd 
             Dallas, Texas 75215




Fort Worth
2831 W 7th St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm


Be Formidable.

Get the Formula.

Optimize your Health.